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Pennyroyal Tea is also slang for a home abortion technique.

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i need need need the library one for my birthday pls pls pls

You can say you’re not in the cake fandom but EVERYONE is in the cake fandom

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Guys, look. They finally made a baby stroller for wheelchair-bound mothers. This is so important.

My wife is a physical therapist.  She started tearing up when I showed this to her.

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"no one can love you until you love yourself"

that is complete bullshit

don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t deserve love from other people because you struggle with loving yourself

thats not what that quote means. it means youll never truly feel confident about someones intentions in regards to loving you for exactly how you are until you can learn to accept your flaws and know you are deserving of love. yall just love blowing up over things you barely understand

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I really need this fucking shirt

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I really need this fucking shirt
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“Fuck it, I quit,” says Alaska TV reporter Charlo Greene

(Cannabist) After reporting on the Alaska Cannabis Club on Sunday night’s broadcast, KTVA’s Charlo Greene identified herself as the business’s owner and said she would be devoting all her energy to fighting for “freedom and fairness.” She then used an expletive to quit her job, and walked off-camera.

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Hindu Sculpture of Ganesha

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Hindu Sculpture of Ganesha